National Bathymetry Priorities

This page shows a compilation of seabed mapping priorities by Government entities as well as an agreed set of overall government priorities. To access these data, please click on the figure below. Priority was given to areas where:

  • more bathymetric data are required for safe navigation
  • there is a known pressure and baseline data are required to provide information to support an environmental assessment and monitoring
  • there is resource competition, and baseline environmental data are required to support better understanding of surrounding issues
  • data are urgently required to support policy and government decisions.

Agencies then ranked their priority areas 1, 2 and 3 based on urgency of the need for the data and the impact of the data. These priority sets were compiled by Geoscience Australia and submitted to the Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO) for consideration as supplementary material for their "Hydroscheme" acquisition plan.

More recent developments have seen the AHO and Geoscience Australia investigate the potential use of the prioritisation / risk assessment tool developed by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). LINZ has created a tool to weigh and analyse spatial data, the analysis of which can be used to provide a ranking system identifying areas that should be mapped first. In 2017, a meeting was held with LINZ to learn about their prioritisation tool, which is open source. A copy of the tool was provided to the AHO and Geoscience Australia and currently the AHO are carrying out a concept demonstration of the LINZ tool for application in the Australian marine zone. AusSeabed requirements for the tool will be considered during the AHO testing.

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