AusSeabed 2021 Workshops and AGM

AusSeabed is a community led Australian seabed mapping initiative that is working to improve the awareness, coverage, quality, discoverability and accessibility of seabed mapping data in the Australian marine estate. Our collaborators span the government, industry, and academic sectors; our differences give us the insight and strength to develop innovative tools and infrastructure to accelerate the delivery of data essential for sustainably managed growth of Australia’s blue economy.

Following on from last year, AusSeabed will again be hosting its annual workshop and general meeting activities virtually. The first workshop, being held on the 29th of July, will feature workshops on the Quality Assurance Tool, submitting survey requests for the Hydroscheme Industry Partnership Programme, and a data submission masterclass for AusSeabed data providers.

The second workshop will be held in late August (timing and final content TBC) and will feature sessions on the AusSeabed 3D seismic Bathy Project, a Data Integration masterclass for contributing hubs, and the National Areas of Interest project.

Attendance is free and open to anyone with an interest in seabed mapping. Registrations are now open for the July session. To register please follow the link below:

Register here for the AusSeabed July 29 workshop and AGM