Bathymetry coverage

AusSeabed is working towards displaying national coverage from all entities. As of April 2018 all bathymetry data that has been submitted to Geoscience Australia is displayed below.

Polygons were created using various rules and therefore exact extent is not representative of precise data coverage. Each polygon contains metadata. The majority of multibeam polygons were constructed by gridding processed multibeam data using MBSystem software and exporting the grid for conversion into ArcGIS software. The conversion process maintained authenticity of the areas with no data (i.e. no auto fill routine was executed). The cell sizes at which gridding was performed varied according to the areal size of the survey, so as to output reasonably similar raster file sizes. Therefore, cell sizes varied between 0.5m for very small-area surveys and 1000m for large-area surveys. Note: At this point, cell size information per survey is not recoverable. The metadata were generated using a perl program written by Geoscience Australia and is imported into the attribute table of the polygon layer. To access this data, please click on the figure below.

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