ARDC funding AusSeabed project

The AusSeabed program has been awarded an Australian Research Data Commons Platform Grant to realise a new project, Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) for Australian coastal and ocean models. With a total investment of $855,000, including $374,000 from ARDC, this project will deliver a platform enabling end-users to develop comprehensive bathymetric models to serve multiple applications (e.g. coastal erosion and storm surge modelling, marine spatial planning, biodiversity assessment). This is a great step forward for the AusSeabed end-user community as it will bring efficiencies and consistency, improved quality of outputs, and most importantly, greater accessibility to this type of data. In addition, this project will allow AusSeabed to contribute to and leverage off a global bathymetry database. The project will see Geoscience Australia partner with Bureau of Meteorology, James Cook University, Deakin University, CSIRO and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory from the United States of America.

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