AusSeabed Workshop – Coordinating and Measuring our Seabed Mapping Process

On 22 June 2023, AusSeabed will be hosting a limited entry, technical workshop to dig into two priority topics relating to seabed mapping data for the Australian region. This workshop is leveraging World Hydrography Day events being held in Wollongong, NSW, by its partner, the Australian Hydrographic Office. Workshop participants will be representing a broad range of perspectives, including private sector, industry, research, and state and federal government.

Two short surveys were distributed to the participants in preparation for the workshop sessions and discussions. While we weren’t able to accommodate more participants, we appreciate and welcome additional input via these surveys for people and organisations who are interested. To request access these surveys please email

The workshop sessions are:

  1. Developing a standard framework and methodology to consistently and accurately assess data quality, so that the community can describe data coverage and progress as we map Australia’s marine jurisdiction;
  2. Exploring the notion of a national seabed mapping plan to help coordinate activities if we as a community can identify the most time sensitive and high value regions where collaborative opportunities exist.

Outcomes from this workshop will be distributed in the weeks following, via the AusSeabed mailing list and website, and will feed into the AusSeabed 2023-24 workplan. Where required, there will also be further opportunities for input.

If you are not on the AusSeabed mailing list and would like to be included, please let us know via