Online now! 2021 AusSeabed webinar and annual workshop

The 2021 AusSeabed webinar and annual workshop is online now! You can view the presentations on GA YouTube and under our Publications and Presentations webpage. We hope you enjoy watching (or re-watching) them!

In the AusSeabed webinar “coordinating our seabed mapping efforts – are we there yet?”, Kim Picard presents a detailed overview of how far AusSeabed has come since 2018, and where we are going in 2021/22 and beyond!

The 2021 AusSeabed annual workshop introduces new members of the AusSeabed Steering Committee and includes four practical sessions.

  • Session 1 [00:05:49]: An introduction and user tutorial for a new Quality Assurance Tool (QAX) for multibemam echosounder data presented by Justy Siwabessy (GA), Lachlan Hurst (FrontierSI) and Matt Boyd (CSIRO).
  • Session 2 [00:37:16]: An overiew of the Hydroscheme Industry Partnership Program (HIPP) and the AusSeabed HIPP request tool presented by CMDR Nigel Townsend (AHO).
  • Session 3 [01:17:50]: AusSeabed Marine Data Portal update and demonstration presented by Maggie Arnold (GA)
  • Session 4 [01:29:35]: Towards a national seismic-derived bathymetry data asset presented by Ulysse Lebrec (UWA)