What a year! 2019-20 Annual report published

This Annual Report highlights the great progress AusSeabed made in 2019/20, which is a testament to the commitment of the community and the relevance of the program.

This year saw a considerable shift from program and community building to infrastructure development. Under the three program themes, we have developed a prototype of the AusSeabed Processing Pipeline and Data Warehouse, upgraded the AusSeabed Marine Data Portal infrastructure, increased our bathymetry data holdings, delivered the AusSeabed Coordination Tool, further developed the Quality Assurance Tool, and published Version 2 of the Australian Multibeam Guidelines, all whilst engaging with successful interstate and international outreach.

The establishment of the AusSeabed Executive Board was the final piece of the governance puzzle initiated in 2018/19, now providing a framework to oversee the strategic direction of the program in line with national priorities and actively champion AusSeabed. With the first successful renewal of general membership positions on the Steering Committee also completed, both of these achievements represent important steps towards ensuring that the AusSeabed program is enduring, and remains relevant and impactful to the nation.